E-Mail marketing is an important aspect of brand management. Simply it’s all about sending commercial messages to a group of people using email. Usually, emails are used to send advertisements and business requests to create brand loyalty, trust, and awareness.

SAIntellect Solutions offers user-friendly e-mail marketing solutions to track almost anything and see the working condition of features in your marketing campaign. Through the lead scoring, site tracking options, and engagement reports, you can find the people most interested in what you have on offer.

Get more customer engagement and keep customers around by delivering industry-standard e-mail marketing provided by SAIntellect Solutions. From up sells and cross-sells to improved customer service and create customer experience, we strive to offer quality email marketing solutions.

Our professional team combines automation with lists and tags to segment contacts and send them exactly what they require to read. We strive to enable smarter communications including emails, site messages, and SMS to connect with clients and build strong relationships.

Make more sales and increase productivity by following up with clients at the right moment with SA Intellect Solutions. Our e-mail marketing campaigns help you increase conversation rate by making sure the right clients receive the right information at the right time.

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