Tracking System Development

Currently, manage any processes with proven tracking systems developed by SAIntellect Solutions. Our state-of-the-art tools allow you check the employee’s attendance and working hours, payroll calculations, collecting and analyzing financial, sales, inventory or real time information.

SAIntellect Solutions develop top-notch tracking system management to tailor-make web-based task, assign and schedule working hour, keep a proper track of reports, simplify workflow management and effortless cooperation of the in-house team. We create bug tracking systems that keep your QA team up-to-date on what’s actually happening with bugs and their condition in the system.

Customer Tracking System Development

Today’s prospective customers are digital, mobile, and well-connected. They need up-to-date details of wherever they are and whenever they need anything effortlessly and quickly. SAIntellect Solutions makes it easy for your customers to find important information, manage their account, or connect with any service provider through the easy-to-use customer tracking system portal.

Our simple customer tracking system enables you to reach out to prospects at the right moment and engage them across every channel.The best customer experiences are only created with SA Intellect Solutions. We design and develop powerful and flexible customer tracking system platform to meet the needs of any business.

Stay connected with customers on any channel with SAIntellect Solutions. Customer interactions across phone, live chat, social media, email, and any other channel you imagine – all come together in one place with us.

Document Tracking Management System

SAIntellect Solutions offers flexible solutions for document tracking well-suited for any organization that requires tracking documents and materials assigned to a location or a person. With a competitive cost and your return on investment is just matter of a phone call away! Let us help you develop a document tracking management system and know where the documents are and retrieve them quickly when necessary.

Our document tracking management systems are perfect for businesses that require eliminating the labour and costs associated with paper-based systems and improving productivity. We aim to ensure the real-time visibility for managers and concerned departments.

SAIntellect Solutions has developed document tracking management systems that are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking to automate administration process while saving you time and money without significant costs of customized solutions.

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