Does every business need to be on Instagram? In short and simple words, Instagram is an absolute for every business. With nearly no opportunities and downside to connect or generate business with customers, Instagram should be no brainier for most businesses.

There are so many reasons why Instagram is a perfect platform for businesses. Here are a few reasons why Instagram social media platform is a must for every business:

Your Prospective Customers Must be Using

Whether you like to be on social media or don’t, the huge majority of internet users in the United States and beyond are using this platform. After Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has been expanding its user base and functionality very quickly. Instagram has now over 700 million active users monthly. According to a research, nearly 60% of all internet users in the USA used Instagram between the ages of 18-29 and nearly 33% of internet users were between 30-49 years old.

You Improve the Levels of Reach and Engagement

Through the intelligent algorithm, heavy hash tag integration, and engaging explore feature, the businesses are given a much better shot at being seen. One research found that Instagram had around 10 times more engagement with business posts on average than the business posts on Facebook.


You can Able to Sell your Products and Services

From running the advertisements to tagging products in photos, Instagram is a platform to generate conversions. Around 30% Instagram users have purchased a product that they got to know product on Instagram. Users that come from Instagram to your website stay the longest out of any other social network.

You Need to Stay Competitive

More than doubling from 2015, over 70% U.S. companies with around 100 employees are using Instagram for marketing purposes. Over 80% non-business users follow businesses on Instagram. Your customers and competitors must be on the Instagram. Are you? After looking at all these things, you’ll find that Instagram is a fun-filled platform to use. With the latest features being updated every month, the platform has become more exciting and constantly evolving.

Now you’ll get new upgrades like Instagram Stories and Live Streaming features – which allow users to enjoy new opportunities to create and consume content. From documenting your company culture on the timeline to sharing behind the scenes that looks on your story, there are endless opportunities to create content on Instagram network.

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